Calais, France. February - September 2016 on assignment for The Independent.

In February 2016, the French authorities cleared the southern section of The Calais Jungle, a term coined by the residents living there.

The prefecture announced that the 800 people living on the south side of the Calais Jungle were to be re-housed into 1,200 accommodations provided by the state. In reality, as confirmed by local NGOs, there were over 3,400 inhabitants including over 400 unaccompanied minors.

The French authorities gave a days warning to people to leave their tents and shelters. The following morning they came in with bulldozers and destroyed the shelters, and used force to evict those who hadn't already left.

The Gendarmes and CRS police forces are not popular among the people in the camps. Their heavy-handed approach to quelling disputes, including employing tear gas, rubber bullets and using force to evict people from their shelters resulted in a tense dynamic in the camps.

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